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18Apr, 2017

Exclusive Promo on .NEWS and .LIVE domain names starting at just ‎৳500 BDT!

.NEWS & .LIVE at just 2.99!

Apr 18, 2017

We’re pleased to announce an exclusive promo on .NEWS and .LIVE domain names starting at just ‎৳500 BDT!

  • Whom is it for?
    A .NEWS domain is for bloggers, journalists, editors, online news organisations, PR departments of various businesses, or anyone with fresh and timely information to share.
  • Did you know?
    – There are over 222,500 .NEWS domains registered
    107,512 groups & companies associated with “News” on LinkedIn
  • Why offer .NEWS?
    A . NEWS domain can help anyone let their audience in on:
    – Updates
    – Trends
    – Press releases
    – Reports
    and the latest information in any field



  • Whom is it for?
    A .LIVE is for media broadcasters, artists and performers, sports leagues, or anyone sharing real-time content


  • Did you know?
    – There are over 143,500 .LIVE domains registered
    500,000 Twitter target audiences using “Musicians” or “Bands”
  • Why offer .LIVE?
    A .LIVE TLD can be blended into ones online or social presence, for example:
    – Facebook Live
    – Webinars
    – Podcasts
    and help them share real-time updates and events with their audience

Don’t miss this opportunity and register these TLDs at an exclusive promo price of just ৳2500.00  ৳500.00!

Domain Order Link: http://engz612076.supersite2.myorderbox.com/

Please Note : This offer is applicable on new registrations for the first year only and it is valid till 30th June, 2017.


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